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Web sponsorship is the fastest growing avenue for expanding your exposure with our targeted audience. The Catholic Community Forum experiences hundreds of thousands of visits each week and these are Catholic viewers seeking Catholic goods and services.

For a limited time, we are offering a 3-month trial for banner advertising. The cost is $695.00 for the 3-month period and your website link will also be placed on our advertiser listing at no extra cost. Many websites charge at least $.05 per view, so you'll see that our offering is cost-effective.
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1-800-876-7000 or 636-394-7000

Why you should select the Catholic Community Forum as your site to place a banner ad is rather obvious. We will Provide you a targeted Catholic audience! Our Web site's dedication to evangelization on the Web; our multitude of features; our hundreds of links to the Catholic Web and our powerful search engine for the entire WWW all contribute to your potential exposure.

The Catholic Community Forum is also registered in all the top Internet search engines and is linked from hundreds of other web sites making it easy for new visitors to find us. Basically, we are committed to providing this continuously growing audience with updates and we remind them of where they can access this information. Timely press releases, radio announcements and a weekly audience of over 750,000 bulletin readers being reminded of our Site's capabilities assures us of our (your) growing audience exposure.

Setting up a banner ad is easy and we are ready to lend any support necessary for you to be part of this media. Within a few days your banner ad can be part of the 'Forum'. It will be placed directly under the Catholic Community Forum title on each page of the forum except the Saints index. For more information, please call us toll free at 800-876-7000 or send us an e-mail to discuss this opportunity.


Our spiritual newsletter e-mail is sent to a targeted audience of thousands of Catholics every day and the number of subscribers continues to grow rapidly. You can also reach our readers with your message as a sponsor. The Daily E-Pistle currently goes out to thousands of Catholics every day, and your sponsorship would reach even more people than we specifically mail to since we know many of those readers forward to friends and family.

Our rate for a sponsorship on one day's E-Pistle is $.02 per exposure or $20.00 per thousand. exposures are individual e-mail addresses on the list. We offer discounts for the purchase of multiple issues: 2-5: 5%; 6-15: 10%; 15 or more: 15%. Your sponsor message plain ASCII text like the rest of the E-Pistle for maximum compatibility. Your message can be up to 80 words.

We ask for payment in advance of running your sponsorship. We accept Master Card and Visa. We will discount for multiple issues


  • # of subscribers: Thousands! Contact us for more information.
  • Gross CPM: $20.00
  • Format: 100% ASCII Text
  • Ad specs: approx. 80 Words
  • Exclusivity: One sponsor per issue.
  • Position of ad: Top of page below header, above content
  • Mailing Schedule: Normally the night before, every day 7/365
  • Availability: Call or Write
  • Cancellation Policy: Time run for multiples.

Please call us toll free at 800-876-7000 or send us an e-mail to discuss this opportunity.