From the Desk of the Prioress

Welcome to Saint Walburga Monastery. As daughters of Benedict, we seek God, looking for him in every facet of our lives. In the Benedictine tradition, we do this within community, supported and sustained by the God of our monastic profession and by one another. In the Rule of Benedict, we are directed to bear one anotherís burdens, to respect the elders and love the young, to take care of the sick among us, to serve one another, and, above all, to show eagerness for our prayer life.

In community we run a gamut of ages, drawing from the wisdom of our older sisters and from the energy of our younger members, building our present upon the experiences of the past, standing always on the shoulders of the wonderful women who have gone before us. We are focused on the basics of our monastic life with its balance of prayer, work and leisure.

The family spirit of Benedict permeates our everyday life. We are present to one another, interchanging between the giver and receiver of that presence as circumstances dictate. True, we might not agree on the ideal room temperature or the degree of spice or blandness in our food. But we are there for one another when there is a need, spoken or merely perceived. We work hard at community, helping one another to be faithful to our Benedictine way of life.

Much of what we are about as Benedictines depends on our community life as monastics, on the depth of our search for God , and on love - Godís love for us and our love for Him and of one another.

Sister Mary Feehan, OSB