Sister Mariette Therese's Perpetual Monastic Profession
The ancient Rite of Monastic Profession took place after the homily of the Mass.  It began with Sister Sharon McHugh, Prioress, questioning Sister Mariette Bernier and her director about  Sister's readiness to commit herself to the monastic way of life and requesting  the community's pledge to assist her.   After Sister Mariette Therese made her profession of  vows and signed the document on the Book of the Gospels, she received the ring as a symbol of lifelong commitment. With upraised arms she sang the Suscipe , an expression of trust in God's faithfulness.  Then as a sign of rising from death to new life , she prostrated under the pall as the Litany of the Saints was sung.  Finally, Sr. Mariette  was greeted by each member of the community, and the Eucharistic Liturgy proceeded as usual.

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