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  Voice of the Saints
Paperback (June 1986)
Tan Books & Publishers, Inc.

Quotes from the saints organized by topic. One of our references for the Daily E-Pistle!
Saint of the Day
Lives and Lessons for Saints and Feasts of the New Missal
Leonard Foley (Editor)
Paperback - 355 pages Rev edition (May 1997)
St Anthony Messenger Press; ISBN: 0867163186
Dimensions (in inches): 0.79 x 8.90 x 5.95
  Lives of the Saints
Hugo Hoever
Hardcover (July 1988)
Catholic Book Pub Co; ISBN: 0899428703
Dimensions (in inches): 1.18 x 6.70 x 4.53
  Lives of the Saints II
Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy
Hardcover (June 1993)
Catholic Book Pub Co; ISBN: 0899428754
Dimensions (in inches): 2.84 x 7.04 x 4.80
  Saints of the Roman Calender
Including Feasts Proper to the English-Speaking World
Enzo Lodi (Translator)
Paperback - 419 pages (June 1993)
Alba House; ISBN: 0818906529
Dimensions (in inches): 0.72 x 7.20 x 4.55
Oxford Dictionary of Saints
Oxford Paperback Reference
David Hugh Farmer
Paperback - 592 pages 4th edition (January 1998)
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0192800582
Dimensions (in inches): 1.19 x 7.75 x 5.12
  Modern Saints
Their Lives and Faces (Book One)
Ann Ball
Paperback - 458 pages (November 1991)
Tan Books & Publishers, Inc.; ISBN: 0895552221
Dimensions (in inches): 1.29 x 8.24 x 5.53
  Modern Saints
Their Lives and Faces (Book Two)
Ann Ball
Paperback Vol 002 (December 1991)
Tan Books & Publishers, Inc.; ISBN: 089555223X
Dimensions (in inches): 1.57 x 8.17 x 5.52
Saint Thomas Aquinas
The Dumb Ox
G. K. Chesterton
Paperback Reissue edition (February 15, 1974)
Image Books; ISBN: 0385090021
Dimensions (in inches): 0.54 x 8.22 x 5.39
  The Life of Anthony and the Letter To Marcellinus
St. Athanasius, Robert C. Gregg (Editor)
Paperback - 166 pages (December 1980)
Paulist Press; ISBN: 0809122952
Dimensions (in inches): 0.57 x 8.93 x 5.94
Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of Saints
Stephen Bunson, Margaret Bunson, Matthew E. Bunson
Hardcover - 1056 pages (May 1998)
Our Sunday Visitor; ISBN: 0879735880
Dimensions (in inches): 1.62 x 9.53 x 7.52