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Email and postal mail are currently the only options for Catholic Forum visitor support, we are unable to assist by phone due to time and resource constraints.

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Please Note: Please refrain from asking staff spiritual questions or making inquiries regarding the location of web sites, the whereabouts of particular priests or organizations, genealogical research, assistance with schoolwork or promoting your organization or event. There are areas on this site for all these matters. The staff are not theological or catechetical experts, but you may ask spiritual or dogmatic questions in our Discussion Groups or in our Catholic Q&A section, you may also find answers in our Catholic Information Database. Priests and parishes can be searched by name in Church Search, and if that doesn't work you can check the P. J. Kennedy and Sons Official Catholic Directory at your parish or local public library. You can search the Catholic web or the WWW at large for organizations or information you need. You can promote events or groups in the Discussion Groups or via sponsorship. Thank you!

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