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Daily Reflections

Sat 1 My Master asks me to go to my passion with the majesty of a queen. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Sun 2 Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ Suffering has held out its arms to me and lovingly have I embraced it. Therese of Lisieux

Mon 3 For it is not human activity that can help, but the Passion of Christ. It is in this that I want to share. Edith Stein

Tue 4 For there is nothing annoying that is not suffered easily by those who love one another. Teresa of Avila

Wed 5 Put attention to little things. Everything is great before the Lord. Little Arab

Thu 6 We must just as closely be united with God during our activities as we are during our times of prayer. Lawrence of the Resurrection

Fri 7 Most Sacred Heart of Jesus If life, which is so short, is to be of any use at all, its use is for gaining life eternal. Teresa of Avila

Sat 8 Immaculate Heart of Mary Don't wait until tomorrow to begin becoming a saint. Therese of Lisieux

Sun 9 Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time That I may be purified and delivered from my miseries by contact with him. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Mon 10 It's possible by a higher degree of divine illumination to make an uneducated person wiser than the most learned. Edith Stein

Tue 11 St Barnabas, Apostle Humility is not attached to anything...is not offended by anything...always bears God in its heart. Mary of Jesus Crucified

Wed 12 In the journey of prayer more good is given than is asked for. Teresa of Avila

Thu 13 St Anthony of Padua Whenever I ask a favor from the Blessed Virgin, I receive immediate help. Therese of Lisieux

Fri 14 God is hidden in the heart of man. Little Arab

Sat 15 See that you are not suddenly saddened by the adversities of the world, for you do not know the good they bring. John of the Cross

Sun 16 Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time These people are having great troubles. They must indeed by God's servants, for trials are the best. he can grant us. Teresa of Avila

Mon 17 The cross has accompanied me from the cradle, but then Jesus has made me love it passionately. Therese of Lisiieux

Tue 18 Her (Mary's) humility was so real, for she was always forgetful of self, free from all anxiety. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Wed 19 O what a mystery, my feeble love can enthrall you, my Lord. Therese of Lisieux

Thu 20 A soul depends on grace in proportion to its desire for greater perfection. Lawrence of the Resurrection

Fri 21 I shall unite myself to the soul of the Blessed Virgin when the Father overshadowed her with his power. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Sat 22 Only that which is eternal can satisfy us. Therese of Lisieux

Sun 23 Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time Let nothing reign in your soul that doesn't lead to sanctity. John of the Cross

Mon 24 Birth of St John the Baptist It's rude and uncivil to demand and never be willing to listen kindly to the sisters when they're explaining themselves. Teresa of Jesus

Tue 25 The martyrdom of the heart is no less fruitful than the shedding of blood. Therese of Lisieux

Wed 26 Death will open the abyss of mysteries, when you will be alone with God. Teresa of the Andes

Thu 27 Abandonment is a steel file, and the endurance of darkness leads to great light. John of the Cross

Fri 28 All souls are capable of loving. Teresa of Avila

Sat 29 SS Peter and Paul, Apostles Happy are they who hope in the Lord. Ps 40:5

Sun 30 Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time The Lord is kind and merciful. Ps 103

Adapted from Carmel Clarion
Endnotes p. 6.

Pictures on pgs 2-5, El Carmelo Retreat House, Redlands, California, used with permission.
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