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A Catholic Critique of Jehovah's Witnesses

Is Your Hope Bible-Based? Questions & Reflections for Jehovah's Witnesses

No Heavenly Hope for Old Testament Saints?

Hiding the Divine Name

The Watchtower and the Ante-Nicene Church Fathers

Historical Publications Relating to Jehovah's Witnesses

Historical Idealism and Jehovah's Witnesses

A Critical Review of the "Bible Teach" Book

Catholic Ex-Jehovah's
Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses
"Is Jesus Yahweh?" (Article for JWs)

The New World Translation and Hebrew Versions

Resources on the Tetragrammaton
Bible Texts on the Deity of Christ (Kevin Quick)
John 1:1 Analyzed

The Identity of the Word According to John (Ken Guindon)

Did Jesus speak the name Yahweh? Online book
Should You Believe in the Trinity? Refutation of JWs

Quotes from the JW Trinity Brochure Analyzed

Apologists' Bible Commentary
The Original Language of the NT was Greek--Online book
Jehovah's Witnesses & Blood Transfusions
More on Blood Transfusions from Raymond Franz

Dissertation on Blood Transfusions & Jehovah's Witnesses

Trauma--Real Life in the ER Video on JWs & Bloodless Treatment

Discovery Channel Video on JWs and Blood Transfusions

Preparing For Child Custody Cases   Critical Review of "Preparing For Child Custody Cases"

Index of Significant Quotes From JW (Watchtower) Sources

1975--The Appropriate Time for God to Act by Ray Franz  1914 and "This Generation" by Ray Franz
Watchtower Audio & Video Museum

607 BC--The Shaky Foundation of the 1914 Doctrine

JW "Proclaimers" Book Answered Page by Page

Watchtower Reprints Online 1879-1916

Works by C.T. Russell Online

The Watch Tower Society and Spiritual Authority

Faithful & Wise Servant? Examining the Watchtower's 1919 Appointment

A People For His Name by Timothy White

Earthquakes & Historical Facts by Carl Olof Jonnson & Wolfgang Herbst

Is Today's Increasing of Lawlessness Unprecedented?  Jonnson & Herbst
Apostolic Fathers & Jehovah's Witnesses
JWs and the Early Church Fathers--Part 1
JWs and the Early Church Fathers--Part 2
The Early Church Fathers on Jesus

Nicene Christology & The Ante Nicene Fathers

The Soul & Eternal Punishment by Ken Guindon

Jehovah's Witnesses--Do You Know the Truth? by Ken Guindon

Articles on Watchtower Teachings

Refutation of the Jehovah's Witnesses
Audio of "Journey Home" program with ex-JW Jeffery Schwehm (now Catholic)
Audio of 'Journey Home" program with former JW Elder John Davis
Cris Sanchez (now Catholic Deacon) on the Divine Name--Audio
Ex-Bethelites Cris & Norma Sanchez: How we found Christ--Audio
Trinity Apologetics Page
Biblical Basis of the Doctrine of the Trinity

ISBE on Trinity--Part 1  Part 2

The Trinity by Edward Bickersteth

"The Fathers Know Best"--Patristic Quotes
Joe Gallegos' Cor Unum Apologetics Page
Gary Hoge's Guide to the Catholic Church for Protestants
Scott & Kimberly Hahn--Audio Lectures Online
EWTN & Catholic Answers Real Audio

Archbishop Sheen Audio Lectures

This Rock Magazine Online

Envoy Magazine Online

Scriptural Catholicism

Catholic Bridge

Lighthouse Gospel & Basic Christianity Page--Dave Armstrong

Apologetics Articles by Dave Armstrong

Armstrong's Articles on Atheism & Agnosticism

Catholic Documents & Apologetics Websites

Evangelical Catholic Apologetics  Apologetics Articles  Philosophy & Science Articles

History of the Catholic Church

Did the Catholic Church Have Its Origins in Paganism?
Featured Writing from Peter Kreeft Featured Audio
Kreeft’s book Catholic Christianity (Luke E. Hart series)

Chapters from Kreeft's book:

 Fundamentals of the Faith
The Problem of Evil
The Argument from Design
The First Cause Argument
Life After Death
The Divinity of Christ
The Uniqueness of Christianity
What's the Point of Creeds?
Justification by Faith
The Sacraments
The Nature of the Church
Toward Reuniting the Church



Online Bible Translations with Deuterocanonical/Apocrypha Books
New American Bible  Douai-Rheims Bible    Douay-Rheims Bible with Concordance links
Septuagint Bible (Brenton translation)  New Jerusalem Bible (not complete)  World English Bible
King James Version   Revised Standard Version   New Revised Standard Version
God's Word to the Nations  N.E.T. Bible    Good News Bible   Updated Bible Version (includes Sirach)
Jerusalem Bible Online in French    Jerusalem Bible Online in Spanish

Other Online Bible Translations
Green's Literal Translation PDF Version--2001 Revision--Long Download  JPS Version (1917)
Young's Literal Translation   Rotherham Emphasized Bible   Complete Jewish Bible
Recovery Version--NT      Worldwide English Bible--NT      Holman Christian Standard Bible
English Standard Version   New International Version    Contemporary English Version
New King James Version   New American Standard Bible    American Standard Version
Amplified Bible    The Message (Paraphrase)    New Living Translation     Online Torah
J B Phillips NT   Darby   Easy to Read Version (For the Deaf)   Modern King James Version
Bible in Basic English   Today's NIV   New World Translation

Online Bibles with Search Engines
Unbound Bible     Bible Gateway (searches texts from several versions)

Online Bibles

Original Language Texts (Hebrew, Greek, Latin)
Bible Greek Resource Page  The NT and the Septuagint (Greek texts) 

Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament   Interlinear Greek New Testament

Interlinear Septuagint   Greek New Testament (UBS)    Parallel Greek/English NT

Westcott & Hort Greek NT Text Analyzed
King James Bible with Strong's Dictionary   Bible Resource Hebrew Page
Hebrew/English Bible    Parallel Hebrew/English Torah Readings--With Audio Chanted in Hebrew
Latin Vulgate (Jerome)   Nova Vulgata (New Vulgate)


Bible Study Helps

Old Testament Study Links with texts and extensive links to Hebrew dictionaries

New Testament Study Links with texts extensive links to Greek dictionaries (including Kittel)

Most of these online biblical commentaries come from Protestant sources.

In a few places they reflect Protestant views but are for the most part very helpful:

Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

New Testament Commentary--Hendricksen & Kistemaker

Commentary on Hebrews by St Thomas Aquinas--Part 1  Part 2

Expositor's Bible Commentary (Old Testament)  Expositor's Bible Commentary (New Testament)

With the Word Commentary (Old Testament)   With the Word Commentary (New Testament)

Commentary on Genesis by Leupold   Barnes Notes on the New Testament

Evangelical Commentary on the Old Testament  Evangelical Commentary on the New Testament

St John by Westcott  Hebrews by Westcott

Pulpit Commentary (Old Testament)  Pulpit Commentary (New Testament)

Audio Bible Files Online
New International Version--OT & NT      King James Version--OT & NT

World English Bible--OT & NT      King James Version--OT only

World English Bible--NT & Psalms      KJV, NKJV, NLT Audio Bibles
English Standard Version NT     New American Standard Bible NT

Contemporary English Version NT    Greek, Latin & Hebrew Audio Bible Recordings

Early Christian Writings & Church Fathers Online
Church Fathers--from New Advent   Church Fathers--from ccel

Church Fathers--Additional Texts

Encyclopedia & Online Collections
Encarta Encyclopedia Online   1911 Brittannica Encyclopedia
Catholic Encylopedia   St Pachomius Library   Believe Religious Information Source

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia   Wikipedia

Encyclopedia Biblica Vol 1  Vol 2  Vol 3  Vol 4

Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics--Geisler



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