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Contemplative Gleanings

What is "Contemplative Gleanings?"
"Contemplative Gleanings" is a compilation of exceptional, inspirational quotes which are refreshing reading for the spiritual journey.

It is a double sided page to post on your bulletin board, refrigerator or desk, or to fold for pocket, purse, or prayer book.

"Contemplative Gleanings" is handy to keep at work, to read in between busy times, or during free moments. It reflects Catholic Christian values, deepens our contemplative dimension, and draws us closer to Jesus. "Contemplative Gleanings" truly nurtures the soul by bringing treasures from our past to God seekers of the present.

How to subscribe:
"Contemplative Gleanings" is printed quarterly by a writer who is a Discalced Carmelite Secular. It is funded by free will offerings. If you would like to receive a complimentary issue, or want additional information, please send your street address, or questions via e-mail by clicking the butterfly:
"As one longing to follow in the footsteps of those who have lived wholly for God, I am grateful for 'Contemplative Gleanings.' It is a publication unlike any I have previously encountered, composed entirely of quotes from saints, writers of scripture, lovers of God throughout the centuries of the Church. I read it when I need a spiritual boost, on a bus, in a doctor's waiting room, in a grocery store line. No matter where I happen to be, a prayer or brief meditation is readily at hand to refocus my heart on God.. When retrieving my car from a repair shop and stealing myself to look at the bill, I've been able to pull a copy of 'Gleanings' from my purse only to read: 'Why should I worry? It's not my business to think of myself. My business is to think of God. It's his business to think of me.' (Simone Weil). I thank God for 'Contemplative Gleanings.' "
N. S., Lexington, KY

Writer's Published Works:
You are welcome to read the following:

From Ash To Fire: An Odyssey in Prayer:
A Contemporary Journey through the Interior Castle of Teresa of Avila

From the Preface

"The author writes in a very attractive and incisive style reaching even to literary eloquence, at times, as in the Prelude which resounds with musical tonalities. She shows a sound psychological approach in her commentary. It is full of solid insight, keen intuition and wise counsels for the spiritual journey; always insisting on the integration of the human person. Prayer is not an isolated activity, but must be part of the very warp and woof of everyday life."

Michael Buckley, O.C.D., Provincial, Discalced Carmelites, Western Province

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From Ash to Fire
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Spirituality Today

The writer's articles have been published in "Carmelite Digest," "Homiletic and Pastoral Review," "The Apostolate of the Little Flower," and "Review For Religious."

Intrigued by Prayer p. 2.
O.C.D.S. p. 3.
Living Contempatively p. 4.
Daily Reflections p.5.
Endnotes p. 6.

"Contemplative Gleanings" keeps us aware of what is really important...to receive, e-mail today.

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