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Start with a word of prayer.

Use your own prayer rule or select an appropriate prayer from these links:

Byzantine Prayers--from EWTN  Transfiguration Orthodox Prayer Book,
Orthodox Prayers
 A Morning Rule of Prayer   Prayers from 
Private Prayers On Arising From Sleep  Prayer for the Domestic Church
St Anne's Online Prayerbook  Vespers Verses 1-4  Vespers Verses 5-8 
Prayers For All Needs
 The Online Reader Service Horologion   Morning Prayers--Matins
 Litany of Peace (Audio)   
The Creed (Audio) Heavenly King (Audio) *

 Akathist (audio)  Thrice Holy Hymn (audio) * Psalm 50 from Matins  *

Maronite Podcast of Daily Prayer   Recorded Music for the Divine Liturgy (MCI)



Pray with the saints:
Prologue from Ohrid (complete text) 

Daily Texts from Holy Myrrhbearers Convent
Daily Texts from New Skete

Wondrous is God in His Saints! (Word Docs)

Troparia & Kontakia Index

February Synaxarion

February Typicon (UGC)

2007 Typicon (Ruthenian)

February  Menaion from MCI

2007 Byzantine Liturgical Calendar


During the day you can pray some psalms:
Daily Psalter (from New Skete)  Daily Psalter--from POMOG


Current Vespers & Matins Texts:

Current Vespers Texts (UGC)  Current Texts from MCI (Ruthenian)

Ordinary Text for Sunday Matins--from MCI

Order of Vespers for Sundays After Pentecost--from MCI

Ordinary Text for Matins--from St Gregory Palamas Monastery (GOA)

Readings and commemorations for today:
Julian Calendar--used by many Eastern Catholics and many Orthodox:
Daily Readings from ACROD  Daily Scripture Reading from POMOG
Saint of the Day from POMOG 

Revised Julian Calendar:
OCA Daily Lectionary 
click on arrow by Epistle reading for Gospel reading.

OCA Daily Lives of Saints 

Online Chapel from GOA  double clicks will return you to this page.
Daily Podcast of Readings and Commemorations (GOA)

January Calendar of Saints from GOA

Daily Readings & Commentary from Dynamis

Matins Texts  from St Gregory Palamas Monastery (GOA)
Gregorian, Julian & Revised Julian Calendars explained
Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar


Spiritual reading at these links:

From the Philokalia  The Desert Fathers  St Gregory of Narek on Prayer

Wise Sayings From Orthodox Fathers  Quote Digest  More Quotes

Links on the Jesus Prayer  Prayer Without Ceasing:The Way of a Pilgrim

A Word From the Holy Fathers The Path to Salvation by St Theophan the Recluse  

St Mark the Ascetic   Orthodox Psychotherapy Christian Asceticism Resources 

The Cyberdesert  Inner Light Archive (Desert Fathers Spirituality) 

Ancient Fathers of the Desert--from coptnet  Vitae Patrum (work in progress)
The Jesus Prayer: The Prayer of the Heart  Quotes from
 St Seraphim of Sarov: The Conversation in the Snow  The Way of the Ascetics
A Treasury of Russian Spirituality (Fedotov)  The Hermit Fathers

Selections from the Sayings of the Desert Fathers
A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain--Excerpts   The Struggle With God     

A History of Monastic Spirituality  Teachings of St Kosmas--Apostle to the Poor
Olivier Clement: The Roots of Christian Mysticism--Part One   Clement--Part Two

Patrology & Patristics at these links:
Tradition Day by Day--Daily Quotes    Augustine Day by Day--Daily Quotes
A History of Early Christian Literature  

Church Fathers (New Advent)   Patristic Source Texts
ECF--Richardson  ECF--Bettenson  E-Catena

Apostolic Fathers (Kirsopp Lake) Volume 1  

Apostolic Fathers (Kirsopp Lake) Volume 2 NEW!
The Eastern Fathers of the 4th Century--Florovsky 

The Byzantine Fathers of the 5th Century--Florovsky
The Byz. Fathers of the 6-8th Cent,--Florovsky 

The Byzantine Ascetic and Spiritual Fathers--Florovsky
On the Priesthood--St John Chrysostom   St Gregory Theologian  

St Symeon of Thessalonika The Pastoral Rule of St Gregory the Great (Dialogus)  

Church Fathers--Texts from

On the Incarnation (St Athanasius)  On the Holy Spirit (St Basil)

St John Damascene--Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith

Various prayers at these links: Prayers in Preparation for Holy Communion
Canon in Preparation for Holy Communion
Akathists and Other Prayers 

Paraclisis: The Office of Consolation to the Most Holy Theotokos

Kontakion on the Nativity of Christ   Vespers & Compline--Melkite usage
Great Vespers For Saturday Evening   The Online Reader Service Horologion
A Study Text for Vespers
  A Renewed Version of the Byzantine Hours of Prayer
Short Form of Vespers   Daily Prayers for Healing   12 Armenian Prayers


Multimedia—Audio & Video links from a variety of sources:

Proskomide Service Video * The preparation of the bread & wine before Liturgy

Divine Liturgy Video    Divine Liturgy--Audio (Includes Orthros)  Ancient Faith Radio  * 

Sunday Divine Liturgy Broadcast from St Demetrios (GOA)  Holy Week Services (GOA)  * 

Resurrection Matins (Schola Cantorum of St Peter the Apostle)   Sunday Matins--Tone 4 (MCI) *

Vespers (Audio)  Matins (Audio)  Vespers (Video Excerpt) from Holy Resurrection Monastery *
Resurrectional Tones 1-8   Aposticha of Pascha (excerpt)  St Nicholas Vespers 

Holy Week and Pascha 2006 Audio from St George Byzantine Catholic Church *

Hymns sung by Theosis--from Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church  *  NEW!

From “Icons in Sound”: Selections from "Have Mercy on Me" by Schola Cantorum of St Peter's *

Schola Cantorum of St Peter's Selections  Selections from "Rejoice, O Virgin" CD  *

From GOA and others: Akathist to the Theotokos   Paraklesis   Pascha Matins  Sunday Orthros  *

Service of the Salutations to the Most Holy Theotokos  Hymns of Holy Week   Holy Sabbath *

Music of Great Lent  Holy Week Services (Video)   Recordings of Antiphons & Liturgy Prayers *

Various Hymns   Pascha Proclamation  As Many Who Have Been Baptized Into Christ  *

 Today, Salvation Has Come  Christmas Radio Program   *

Akathist to the Mother of God Healer of Cancer  *   For text click here

Pascha Music from ACROD: Introduction to Paschal Matins   Paschal Matins Ode I  *

The Angel Exclaimed   Exapostolarion of Paschal Matins   Slavonic & Slovak MP3 recordings  *

Melkite Recordings--Arabic     More Slavonic Chant   * 

Audio Discussions: Canon of St Andrew   Unseen Warfare  Weekly Sermons-Audio/Video (OCA) *

Audio Sermons (OCA)     Video by Fr Tom Pistolis: Icons in the Cathedral  *

Spanish chant from Light of the East: Alabad  Salvanos  Letania  Megalinarios  Bondadosa *

Audio Bibles online: KJV KJV, NKJV, NLT NIV WEB NASB-NT CEV-NT ESV-NT  ASL--Video  *

Read & Listen to John--NLT  *


Other resources at these helpful links:
Divine Liturgy--Chrysostom (Melkite)  Divine Liturgy (Ruthenian)
* Divine Liturgy (UGC)
Divine Liturgy--St Basil (Melkite)   Presanctified Liturgy (Ruthenian)
Various Liturgies from   1965 Liturgikon (English/Slavonic/Greek)
Metropolitan Cantor Institute (Ruthenian)  

Liturgics--Archbishop Averky

A Manual of Divine Services   The Order of Divine Services (ROC)   Greek Typikon
Rubics on Hierarchial Services   Liturgical Rubics--Part 1   Typicon--Part 1
Priest's Service Book--from   Priest's Service Book (OCA)
Prothesis Service before Divine Liturgy   The Proskomedia Service

Online Liturgies from GOA
Online Liturgical Resources
Jordanville Prayer Book 

Matins & Vespers Sheet Music (MCI)  More Sheet Music from MCI
Liturgical Texts from CyberPsaltiri
Liturgical Texts from Anastasis

Horologion  The Menaia  The Oktoichos  Pentecostarion  Triodion
Online Psalter & Canticles
Divine Liturgy Music Page--St Anthony's Monastery   Learn Byzantine Chant
Glossary of Liturgical Terms
Septuagint Bible Online   New English Translation of the Septuagint
New American Bible Online   New Jerusalem Bible Online (not complete)
Revised Standard Version Online   New Revised Standard Version Online

Douay-Rheims/Vulgate Online Parallel   Concordance for Douay-Rheims

Westminster Catholic Version of the New Testament (1935)  NEW!

Scan of 1611 printing of King James Version (includes Apocrypha)  NEW!

Catechism of the Catholic Church   Topical Index for CCC
Compendium of the CCC

Compendium of Social Doctrine  NEW!

The Social Agenda: A Collection of Magisterial Texts
Orthodox Catechism (ROC)    Greek Orthodox Catechism
Texts for Various Sacraments (Mysteries)
General Menaion   Book of Needs

CCEO--Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches--English edition
Alphabetical Listing of Saints' Feasts
Lenten Triodion Texts   Holy Week & Pascha Texts
Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh (Official Site)
Byzantine Catholic Church in America (Unofficial Site)
Byzantine Ruthenian Liturgical Chant   Byzantine Ruthenian Prayer & Liturgy Page
Byzantine Lectionary for the entire year
Old Testament Readings in the Byzantine Church for the entire year
Catholic Encyclopedia  Pocket Catholic Dictionary (Fr Hardon)  

St Pachomius Library   Coptic Orthodox Library
Byzantine Liturgy Texts--French  German  Italian  Portuguese  Spanish
Liturgical commentary; articles on spirituality & faith at these links:
Overview of the Divine Liturgy--from St Elias in Toronto
Comments on the Divine Liturgy--from
Passage to Heaven: An Appreciation of the Divine Liturgy
Commentary on the Divine Liturgy by Father George Papadeas
Introduction to the Theology of the Divine Liturgy   The Shape of the Liturgy (Dix)
Introduction to the Theology of the Divine Office   The Eucharist of the Early Christians
The Heavenly Liturgy  Early Christian Liturgics   Liturgical Practice in the Fathers
The Byzantine Cycle of Prayer
Understanding Differences Between Eastern & Western Liturgies
An Eastern Catholic View of the Catechism
Light for Life: The Mystery Believed--The Mystery of God
Light for Life: The Mystery Celebrated--Faith Expressed in Worship
Orientale Lumen by Pope John Paul II

The Eastern Churches and the Papacy  work in progress  NEW!
Who Are Byzantine Catholics?
Eastern Catholics in the USA
Eastern Rite Catholicism--Its Heritage & Vocation
What Eastern Christians Believe
Byzantine Spirituality--From Eparchy of Passaic
The Byzantine Spirituality Page
Rite and Spirituality--From Slovakia
Melkite Information Page--Index
Eastern Catholic FAQ   In Our Family And In Our Home
Primer of Belief and Traditions (Melkite)   The Sign of the Cross

Tracts of Wisdom from St Luke's
The Veneration of Icons in the Tradition of the Byzantine Rite
Icons from Mt Athos  Bishop Nicholas explains Icons  Guide to Byzantine Icons
Liturgical Instruction--Synopsis  Instruction--Full Text
Fasting & Abstinence--from St Anne's B C Church
Eastern Christian Publications   Sheptytsky Institute Publications
Prosphora Resource Page
The All-Night Vigil Service
"The Courage to be Ourselves"
Survival Tips to Byzantine Church Life

Sermons for the Church Year by Archbishop Andrei    Sermons by Fr Dimopoulos

Commentary on Matthew by Blessed Theophylact

Old Testament Overview--Part 1   OT--Part 2   New Testament Overview  
The Prayers of the Psalter by Henry Wansbrough   Guide to the Gospels  

Florovsky on  Bible  Church  Creation  Incarnation&Redemption 

Russian Theology   Resurrection
The Holy Apostles (Book)  Sacrament of Priesthood by Prof. Christos Voulgaris

Selections from the Menaion on the Theotokos   Baptismal Symbolism in St Paul

Is Mandatory Clerical Celibacy an Apostolic Tradition?
"Light of the East" radio program

Links to other liturgical traditions:
Eastern Catholic Liturgies (includes Byzantine)
Eastern Catholic Liturgical Music (includes texts)
Assyrian Liturgical Calendar   Chaldean Liturgy Course
Daily Armenian Lectionary   Armenian Daily Prayer
Daily Coptic Lectionary  Agpeya--Coptic Hours of Prayer  
Daily Coptic Synaxarium   Coptic Hours Chanted (Audio)
Lectionary of Indian Orthodox Church and Calendar
Maronite Saints Calendar and Maronite Liturgical Calendar and Maronite Liturgy

Maronite Podcast of Daily Prayer  NEW

Roman Rite Liturgy Texts  1962 Missal Texts  General Instruction on the Roman Missal
Order of Mass (Anglican Use RC)  Morning Prayer--AU  Evening Prayer--AU  Other Prayers  AU DVD
Daily Mass Readings (Roman Rite)
 Readings & Homily Audio  Readings & Homily Video  *

Daily Bread Audio   Daily Mass Video  Daily Mass Video   Sunday Homilies--Audio  *
Mass Readings for Current Month   Today's Meditation--Word Among Us   Daily Meditation--LofC

Holy Week Services from Cathedral of the Madeleine (Video)  Other Special Mass Videos *
Liturgical Calendar with Bible Studies from St Charles Borromeo   Bible Study Archive
Gregorian Chant  Maundy Thursday--Latin   Plain Chant & Polyphony  
Latin/English Offices & Prayers    Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary (8th Century)
Hypertext Book of Hours (Latin/English)    The Mass of the Western Rites--online book
Liturgy of the Hours (Universalis)    Texts from Liturgy of the Hours Apostolate
General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours 

* Audio from the Monks of Adoration: *
Office of Readings  Morning Prayer  Evening Prayer  Night Prayer  *
Morning  & Evening Prayer (Audio) for every day  from EWTN (towards bottom of page)  *
John Paul II's Commentary on Psalms from Morning Prayer  

Commentary on Psalms from Evening Prayer

Compline (Audio) *  from New Melleray Abbey
Tridentine Missal--Latin/English  Liturgical Calendar (1962 Roman Missal)  The Roman Ritual

Prayers (Roman Rite)  Audio Prayers  *   Prayer & Spirituality Links from St Paul Center
Rosary Page A Byzantine Rosary
 Rosary (Audio Files)  Rosaries (Video) *

Divine Mercy Chaplet (Audio)  Litanies (includes audio) *

Prayers & Chaplet of Divine Mercy--Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy (Video) *
Saint of the Day (Roman Rite)  Saints of the Day from St Patrick's (RC)
Index of Saints (Roman Rite)
 Saint of the Day (Audio) *  Lives of the Saints
Way of the Cross   Way of the Cross (Slideshow)
 Stations of the Cross (Audio) *

Eastern Liturgy Links


Online Reference Resources

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