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On this page will be found links to various Eastern liturgies. In his Apostolic Letter Orientale Lumen John Paul II (of blessed memory) stated the Catholic position on the value of the Eastern heritage:


Since, in fact, we believe that the venerable and ancient tradition of the Eastern Churches is an integral part of the heritage of Christ's Church, the first need for Catholics is to be familiar with that tradition, so as to be nourished by it and to encourage the process of unity in the best way possible for each.


For background on the various Eastern Christian Churches see:

The Eastern Christian Churches


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Armenian Liturgy (Badarak) description


Text of Armenian Liturgy (Badarak)


The Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Church  pdf file


Explanation of Armenian Divine Liturgy


Armenian Liturgical Resources (text, audio, video)


Text for Matins in the Armenian Church


Text for Requiem


Armenian Liturgical Rite of Penance


Armenian Form of Confession


Text of Armenian Wedding Service


Assyrian Church of the East


Assyrian Church of the East Liturgies


Byzantine Orthodox (Greek, Russian, etc.)


Overview of Divine Liturgy from St Elias Ukrainian Catholic in Toronto.


Greek Orthodox Liturgies (English translation)  Greek texts


Priest Service Book (OCA, English translation of Slavonic)


Priest Service Book (Romanian Orthodox--English translation)


Church Services from Russian Orthodox Church (English texts)


Liturgical Texts from Anastasis


Orthodox Liturgical Texts and Resources


Lenten Triodion Texts  Holy Week & Pascha Liturgy Texts


Akathists and Other Prayers


Online Recordings


Video of Proskomide Service --Service Performed During Orthros (Matins) preparing the bread and wine for the celebration of the Eucharist. (Requires Quicktime.)

Synopsis of Proskomide Service (includes vesting before Liturgy).


Divine Liturgy audio selections in English from Byzantines.net and Music & Midi Page (Slavic style chant), Orthotracts and Department of Religious Education (Byzantine style chant):


Great Litany  

Bless the Lord--Psalm 103

Second Antiphon

By the Prayers of the Theotokos


Save Us O Son of God

Only Begotten Son

Thrice Holy Hymn  Trisagion (another version)



Augmented Litany

Cherubic Hymn

Cherubic Hymn (another version)

Father-Son-Holy Spirit  


Holy Lord (Sanctus)

We Praise You

It is Truly Meet  The Angel Cried (used during Pascha season)

The Lord's Prayer

Post Communion Hymns

Many Years


Click here for Divine Liturgy selections from St Elias Ukrainian Greek Catholic parish in

Toronto, Canada


Click here for audio of Orthros & Divine Liturgy from St Lawrence Orthodox Church.


Click here for other audio files from various liturgical services from St Elias (UGC).


Listen to these liturgical recordings chanted in English:


 The Small Paraklesis    text here


 The Akathist Hymn  (attributed to St Romanos the Melodist--6th century)


 The Orthros Service of Pascha  (attributed to St John of Damascus--early 8th century)


from the Greek Archdiocese Website sung by Eikona.


Hymns of Holy Week sung in English by the choir of Holy Trinity Cathedral.


The Service of Salutations to the Most Holy Theotokos also from the Greek Archdiocese Website. While reading this text you can also listen to it chanted.This service is traditionally celebrated on the Fridays of Great Lent.


Matins  and Vespers audio files from a Pilgrimage at Holy Resurrection Monastery from Byzantines.net  


Vespers video file from the same pilgrimage.


Galician Antiphons & Enarxis audio recordings.


Various audio recordings from the choir of Christ the Savior Church.


Click here to hear various music selections from Orthotracts.org


Click here for audio files from the radio program "Icons in Sound: The Beauty of Orthodox Liturgical Chant." Includes many liturgical recordings.


Click here for Ancient Faith Radio--a 24 hour Internet Radio Station--plays streaming music and sermons.


Byzantine Chant Audio Files


Coptic Orthodox


Coptic Orthodox Liturgy of St Basil


Listen to Coptic Liturgy of St Basil in English online recording--some Coptic.


Recording of St Basil Liturgy with Fr Anthony Hanna   from www.tasbeha.org

(Probably the most understandable online recording in English. Includes introductory prayers.)


Congregation Responses for St Basil Liturgy (audio recordings)


Coptic Orthodox Liturgy of St Cyril


Coptic Orthodox Liturgy of St Gregory


Listen to Coptic Liturgy of St Gregory in English online recording (some Coptic).


Understanding the Liturgy


Liturgy Lessons Videos -- excellent video instructions on the Divine Liturgy.


Introduction to the Coptic Orthodox Church


Coptic Orthodox Agpeya (Hours of Prayer) Listen to the Agpeya Chanted in English


Theotokia for Saturday--Part 1 (Marian hymn. Listen to it chanted in Coptic

Theotokia for Saturday--Part 2  with English flash text in Vespers Praises below.)

Theotokia for Saturday--Part 3


Click here to listen to Theotokia for Saturday chanted in Coptic along with English text.


Vespers Praises audio recording--chanted in Coptic. Text is displayed in English in flash movie format.


Holy Psalmody (pdf file)  Psalmody of Great Lent  (pdf file)


Annual and Kiahk Holy Psalmody -- very large pdf file 500+ pages.

(parallel English/Arabic/Coptic)


Holy Psalmody of Sunday online recording in English from St Antony Monastery


The Psalmody of Advent (with icons, longer download)

The Psalmody of Advent (text only, shorter download)


More Coptic Liturgical articles & links from St Mary & St Abraam Church, St Louis, Missouri


Coptic Hymns--Text from Diocese of the Southern United States


Syrian Orthodox


Syrian Orthodox Liturgies


Downloadable Syrian liturgical texts (English translation in zip files)


Weekly Lectionary


Syrian Orthodox Prayer Book (English translation)


Explanation of the Syrian Liturgy (Qurbana) with link to video of Liturgy


For information on the historical development of various lectionaries

see Lectionaries--Old and New


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