Pope St Leo--Pray to God for us!

Pope St Leo (Bishop of Rome from AD 440 to 461) is a saint of both the Eastern and Western Churches commemorated by Orthodox and Catholic alike. His feast day in the East is on February 18. In the West he is remembered on November 10. This site focuses on the life and times of this great saint and his relevance for Christian unity today.

Various links to articles about Pope St Leo:

Aeterna Dei Sapientia--Encyclical of Blessed Pope John XXIII on Pope St Leo (November 11, 1961)

Catholic Encyclopedia article on Pope St Leo (the Great)

Pope Leo the Great on the Papacy

St Leo on Great Lent

St Leo's writings online

St Leo the Great and Papal Supremacy

Philip Hughes on St Leo's era

St Leo's "Tome"

Nativity of the Saviour

Articles on this site about Pope St Leo:

* St Leo in the Church's Liturgy
* Abbe Guettee's _The Papacy_ on St Leo--How Reliable?
* _Documents Illustrating Papal Authority_ (E Giles) on St Leo More to be added. Check back soon!
* St Leo's "Tome" vindicated by the Formula of Pope St Hormisdas (The Formula which settled the first schism between East and West.)
* "The Consequences of Chalcedon" (from The Eastern Churches and the Papacy by S. Herbert Scott.
* Popes of Rome Who Are Orthodox Saints Includes biographical links, citations from the Byzantine liturgical office, and quotes from these sainted popes.

Links to important documents online:


John Paul II's Apostolic Letter "Orientale Lumen"

John Paul II's Encyclical "Ut Unum Sint"

John Paul II's Encyclical "Evangelium Vitae"

Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches--English edition

Liturgical Instruction for Eastern Churches

Vatican Document: The Greek and Latin traditions about the procession of the Holy Spirit

US Catholic Bishops' Conference Document on Eastern Catholics

Vatican II: Decree on Eastern Catholic Churches

Also on this website:
Byzantine Catholic Daily Prayer and Lectionary


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What Does The Bible Really Teach?

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