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Old Testament Study Links with texts and extensive links to Hebrew dictionaries

New Testament Study Links with texts extensive links to Greek dictionaries (including Kittel)

Most of these online biblical commentaries come from Protestant sources.

In a few places they reflect Protestant views but are for the most part very helpful:

Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

New Testament Commentary--Hendricksen & Kistemaker

Commentary on Hebrews by St Thomas Aquinas--Part 1  Part 2

Expositor's Bible Commentary (Old Testament)  Expositor's Bible Commentary (New Testament)

With the Word Commentary (Old Testament)   With the Word Commentary (New Testament)

Commentary on Genesis by Leupold   Barnes Notes on the New Testament

Evangelical Commentary on the Old Testament  Evangelical Commentary on the New Testament

St John by Westcott  Hebrews by Westcott

Pulpit Commentary (Old Testament)  Pulpit Commentary (New Testament)

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World English Bible--OT & NT      King James Version--OT only

World English Bible--NT & Psalms      KJV, NKJV, NLT Audio Bibles
English Standard Version NT     New American Standard Bible NT

Contemporary English Version NT    Greek, Latin & Hebrew Audio Bible Recordings

Early Christian Writings & Church Fathers Online
Church Fathers--from New Advent   Church Fathers--from ccel

Church Fathers--Additional Texts

General Councils & Ecumenical Councils
Church Councils--from Medieval Sourcebook
Ecumenical Council Links from NewAdvent

Decrees of Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church

Online Canon Law Texts
Canons of the Seven Ecumenical Councils   Same text (Intratext Version)
Canons of the Orthodox Church    Canons of the Apostles--1   Canons of the Apostles-2
Canons of the Regional Synods    Canons of the Holy Fathers
Code of Canon Law (from Vatican Site)
This Code only concerns the Western Church.
Links to Various Editions of the Code of Canon Law
Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches--English edition (intratext Version)
Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches--Latin Text   Eastern Code in French

Eastern Code in Italian    Eastern Code in Romanian   Eastern Code in Ukrainian

Eastern Code in Dutch (not complete)
Particular Law for the Metropolitan Church of Pittsburgh (Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic)
Particular Law of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church

Encyclopedia & Online Collections
Encarta Encyclopedia Online   1911 Brittannica Encyclopedia
Catholic Encylopedia   St Pachomius Library   Believe Religious Information Source

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia   Wikipedia

Encyclopedia Biblica Vol 1  Vol 2  Vol 3  Vol 4

Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics--Geisler

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